TGC-1 increased electricity production by 1.1% in 1H2012


TGC-1 has drawn the results of its production activity in the first half of 2012.

The total volume of electricity production by generating assets of the company, including Murmansk CHPP, amounted to 15,369.2 kW/h in 1H2012, which a 1.1% increase year-over-year for the period. CHPPs’ production increased in the period by 3.0% to 9,139.4 kW/h, in which the share of power generation by the new units in Yuzhnaya and Pervomayskaya CHPPs was 22.3%, or 2,033.6 kW/h. The share of new combined cycle gas turbines in the overall company output amounted to 13.2%. The share of HPPs' production declined by 1.5% to 6,229.9 mln kW/h due to lower water levels.

Reflecting the effect of the introduction of new capacity, the magnitude of unit cost of fuel for electricity supply continues to show a downward trend. The decline was 2.0% in 1H2012 year-over-year.

Due to the underutilization of equipment at CHPPs, the installed capacity utilization factor (ICUF) fell by 2.3 percentage points for the whole of TGC-1 and equaled 50.3%. The ICUF of CHPPs declined by 3.2 percentage points to 51.4%, while the ICUF for HPPs fell by 1.2% to 48.9%. 

The output of heat taking into account the Murmansk CHPP performance amounted to 15,587.5 thousand GCal, which is 3.4% lower than the colder heating period of 2011.

Detailed information on TGC-1 operating results can be found on the Company website in the “Reports” section.