TGC-1 sets an interest rate for the 11-14th coupons of the bonds of series 01


On March 2, 2012, TGC-1 set an interest rate equal to 7.6% per annum for 11-14th coupons of TGC-1’s bonds of series 01. The interests to be paid are 37 rubles 90 kopecks per each Issuer’s bond.  

The previous 10th coupon rate was 8.5% per annum.

Pursuant to the bonds issue rules, TGC-1 shall ensure the bond owners’ right to request the bonds purchasing by the Issuer within the last five days of the 10th coupon period.

At present time 1,143,503 bonds of series 1 are circulated.

Thus, on March 6-13, 2012, owners of the bonds of series 01 may submit their bonds for redemption. The redemption date is March 15, 2012.


For Reference:

The bonds’ issue (state registration number 4-01-03388-D) was registered by FFMS of Russian on February 21, 2007.  

The number of securities is 4 million pieces with a nominal value of RUR 1,000 each.

The bonds of series 01 were issued on March 20, 2007. ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria acted as a bond issue manager.

The circulation period of securities is 2,548 days. Issue redemption date is March 11, 2014.

TGC-1 (Company) is a leading producer and supplier of electric and heat power in the North-West Region of Russia and is the third largest of Russia's territorial generating companies for its installed capacity.

TGC-1 has a total of 55 power plants in four regions of Russia: Saint Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, and in the Leningrad and Murmansk regions. As of the end of 4Q 2011, TGC-1’s installed electric capacity was 6,837.1MW and installed heat capacity was 14,616.0 Gcal/h. Hydroelectric generating facilities account for 42.6% of the Company's installed capacity.

Gazprom Energoholding is a controlling shareholder of TGC-1 with 51.79% of the Company’s shares. Fortum Power and Heat Oy, a Finnish concern owns 25.66% of shares.