Depositary Receipts

TGC-1 established a sponsored Global Depositary Receipt (GDR) program with The Bank of New York Mellon in July 2008 in order to guarantee the rights of RAO Unified Energy Systems of Russia (RAO UES) shareholders after the reorganization and final liquidation of the holding. The GDR program provided RAO UES shareholders with a choice to receive either shares or GDRs of spin-off companies (including TGC-1) proportionally to their stake in RAO UES.

The program was launched after The Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation authorized the flotation of up to 20% of the total share capital outside of Russia.

TGC-1 chose The Bank of New York Mellon as the Depositary Bank following a competitive bidding process. TGC-1 established sponsored 144A and Regulation S DR programs. Each Depositary Receipt equals 5000 ordinary shares.

Rule 144A. Rule 144A programs provide for raising capital through the private placement of DRs with large institutional investors (often referred to as qualified institutional buyers, QIBs) in the United States.
Reg. S. Regulation S programs provide for raising capital through the placement of DRs offshore to non-United States investors in reliance on Regulation S.


DataQuantity% of Share Capital
144AReg S.Total
January 31, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
February 29, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
March 31, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
April 30, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
May 31, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
June 30, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
July 31, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
August 31, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
September 30, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
October 31, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
November 30, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290
December 31, 202016,100207,435223,5350.0290