Boris Vainzikher Had a Meeting with Mikhail Stalnukhin, Head of Narva’s City Council


On 17 August 2009, a meeting between Boris Vainzikher, General Director of TGC-1, and Mikhail Stalnukhin, Head of Narva’s City Council, was arranged. During the meeting, Boris Vainzikher and Mikhail Stalnukhin discussed the current state of the energy systems of Russia and Estonia and plans for their future development. The head of TGC-1 also told about the Company’s investment plans and the tasks facing the power sector in the North-West Region. A considerable portion of the meeting was focused on Narvskaya HEPP’s operation and development issues.

Let us recall that, after the separation of the Republic of Estonia from the USSR, the borderline between the states was drawn along the middle of the Narova River. As a result, the key facilities of the HEPP, including the main building with the turbine hall, diversion canal, auxiliary equipment, and a half of the dam, became the property of Russia, while the second part of the dam and the two water-retaining dams turned out to be on the territory of Estonia. Today, this separation has an adverse effect on the overall reliability of the plant, for it makes any repair or maintenance work a difficult task. In the course of discussion, Mikhail Stalnukhin confirmed the concern of Narva’s municipal authorities over secure and reliable work of the plant and invited Boris Vainzikher to visit Narva and meet City Council members.