Head of Murmansk Oblast visits Murmanskaya CHPP


On 24 July 2019, the acting Governor of Murmansk Oblast Andrey Chibis and the General Director of TGC-1 Alexey Barvinok got acquainted with the operation of new water treatment facilities and the system of closed fuel oil discharge at Centralnaya CHPP and PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP

Stanislav Nazarov, Director of PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP, demonstrated a modern facility for cleaning technical and waste water, as well as the operation of steam-free heating and closed fuel oil discharge installations, reducing the spread of fuel odour in urban environment, to the head of the region. Thanks to the multi-stage system of mechanical and reagent treatment, purified water is discharged into the Varnichny Stream and reused at the enterprise.

These projects are implemented within the framework of the Environmental Agreement between TGC-1 and Murmansk Oblast.

"Today, all three sources of heat supply of Murmanskaya CHPP are equipped with modern water treatment facilities. The system of closed fuel oil discharge introduced at the enterprise plays an important role in improving the quality of life of the locals," Alexey Barvinok commented.

For reference:

The Environmental Agreement between TGC-1 and Murmansk Oblast was concluded on 26 January 2017 in Murmansk as a part of the International Ecological Scientific Conference that opened the Year of Ecology in the region. The document provides for the continuing cooperation in implementing several significant environmental projects at PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP's heat supply sites.

 PJSC Murmanskaya CHPP is a subsidiary of TGC-1 and the major heat power supplier in Murmansk Oblast. It supplies heating to 75% of Murmansk consumers and consists of Centralnaya CHPP, Yuzhnaya CHPP and Vostochnaya boiler facilities.