JSC TGC-1 2014 Annual Report was named one of the leaders of IXth Corporate Websites and Interactive Annual Reports Contest


JSC TGC-1 2014 Annual Report  and IR-page of the Company website were among the leaders of the Annual Corporate Websites and Interactive Annual Reports Contest sponsored by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St. Petersburg.

The presentation version of JSC TGC-1 annual report was released for the 10th anniversary of the Company. Apart from traditional text blocks, it contains visuals, videos, and a large number of pictures, including photos from employees' personal archives. The interactive project also incorporates staff's recollections of the most memorable and significant moments of their work in TGC-1.

"TGC-1 managed to find an efficient way of integrating financial and business operations results and social and corporate sustainability reports into a single project.  Annual TGC-1 Personnel report provides insight not only into the Company operations, but also its inner workings through its personnel profiles and social projects," said Igor Primakov, Chairman of the Contest Judges and Director of ARTTSENTURIOS image making company.

In 2015, the Contest was held for the ninth time, and its participants included representatives of various industrial groups in Russia. The energy sector, apart from TGC-1, was represented by JSC Mosenergo, JSC FSK, JSC Rosseti, etc. Winners were determined in the following categories: Best Corporate Website - 2015, Best Corporate Website IR-Page - 2015, Best Interactive Version of 2014 Social Annual Report, and Best Interactive Version of 2014 Annual Report.