Niva HPP-2 TGC-1 celebrates its 85th anniversary


30 June 2019 was the 85th anniversary of the launch of the first hydropower plant in the Murmansk Oblast — Niva HPP-2. The construction of the plant was provided by the GOELRO plan and was caused by the need in power supply sources for the development of the apatite-nepheline rock fields in Khibiny mountains.

"Niva HPP-2 is unique as it's the first hydroelectric power plant beyond the Arctic Circle. The builders didn't have such an experience before, but later it was widely used in the whole power system," said Andrey Zharnikov, Director of the Niva HPPs Cascade of TGC-1. "The launch date of the Niva HPP-2 can be called the day of the beginning of the Arctic Circle electrification. The plant, built by hard labour of thousands of people, became the first brick of the powerful Kolenergo power system.

The Great Patriotic War delivered a bitter blow to the plant. The equipment was evacuated, many employees went to the battle front, the others protected the HPP, where only one hydroelectric generating unit continued to operate for the railway and the automotive equipment maintenance plant. In 1946, Niva HPP-2 reached the level of pre-war production.

The great upgrade took place in the 90s. Turbines and support turbine equipment, generator winding, main transformers were replaced, unit stators were reconstructed. In recent years, the overhaul of hydroelectric generating units No. 2, 4 has been completed with replacement of the turbine shaft roll shell and rotor winding, modern operating mode control systems have been introduced.

Numerous exhibits of the Niva HPP-2 history, such as photos, documents, letters, household items of the builders, are stored in the History Museum of the Niva HPPs Cascade in Kandalaksha."

"The exhibit dedicated to Niva HPP-2 has a special place in our museum. In addition, the plant is unique because it became a pioneer in the applied telemechanics and other technical innovations," claims Vladimir Orekhov, his supervisor. "It was a huge work to collect data on hydrobuilders and special settlers. Relations were established with archives throughout the country and relatives of people who accomplished a real feat 85 years ago and built a hydropower plant in the Far North.


Niva HPP-2 is a part of the Niva HPPs Cascade of the Kolsky branch of TGC-1 and it is located on the Niva River in the south of the Murmansk Oblast. Niva HPP-2 installed capacity is 60 MW.

TGC-1 is a leading producer and supplier of electricity and heat in the North-West of Russia. The Company comprises power plants within four constituent entities of the Russian Federation: St. Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, and Leningrad and Murmansk oblasts. TGC-1's Kolsky branch includes 17 hydroelectric power plants and Apatitskaya CHPP.