JSC TGC-1 informed about the bankruptcy practice of managing organizations and switch to direct payments in St. Petersburg


The press conference on Bankruptcy Epidemic in St. Petersburg Housing and Utilities: Reasons and Ways of Solution was held in the editorial office of the Business News Agency on April 25, 2016. Elena Mikhaylova, Head of Legal Matters Department, informed about the interaction experience of JSC TGC-1 with utility service providers.

As of April 25, 2016, the total amount of payables of housing and utility entities owed to the heat supplier in St. Petersburg amounted to RUB 6.176 billion. At present, JSC TGC-1 has filed actions to the court for declaration of bankruptcy of the Housing and Utility Service No.3 of the Kirovskiy District and the state unitary maintenance enterprise GUP REP Stroitel. The companies are persistent non-payers for heat and hot water supply and have accumulated debts of RUB 36.2 million and RUB 297.8 million, respectively.

“We consider bankruptcy as one of the ways to stop growth of payables of the managing organizations. In point of fact, the only asset of the bankrupt is the debts of end consumers. It is due to the work with them that we manage to return part of the debt. We also believe that in the course of bankruptcy administration the owners will select reliable managing companies at general meetings”, remarked Elena Mikhaylova.

The work experience of JSC TGC-1 in Murmansk Oblast and the Republic of Karelia shows that only switch to direct payments can change the situation with payables in a quality manner. 84 houses in the operation area of the resource supplying organization in St. Petersburg pay for the heat energy directly. Following the results of 2015, the collectability exceeded 95%.

“Switch to direct payments represents the priority direction of work of JSC TGC-1. I would like to emphasize that selection of such payment procedure will not cause impact on residents – the company will compensate issue of the separate bill and no commission will be charged for its payment. Thanks to conclusion of the trilateral agreement between the managing company, the resource supplying organization and the settlement center all benefits will remain in force. In addition to that, in the areas where direct payments are implemented, we deal with the debts of residents thus carrying out work that is not done by the managing organizations, and this, in its turn, allows reducing payables of the managing company and avoiding bankruptcy”, noted Elena Mikhaylova.

Since March 28, 2016, Mir and Vozrozhdenie managing companies serving houses on Vasilevskiy Island have started to hold the meetings of apartment house owners where one of the agenda items involves switching to direct payments to the resource supplying company for heat and hot water supply. The residents’ meetings are held daily at the following addresses:

− MC Vozrozhdenie – 12th Line of Vasilevskiy Island, building 7 (Mon.-Sat. from 18:30)

− MC Mir – 4th Line of Vasilevskiy Island, building 45 (Mon.-Thu. from 18:30).

The precise meeting schedule is available on the website of JSC TGC-1 in the group “TGC-1 – for residents” in the social network Vkontakte. Answers for the questions about direct payments are provided in section “For Clients”.