Winners of the annual contest for public and media relations services of the Gazprom subsidiaries were announced


On 27 June an award ceremony for the winners of the X Corporate Contest for Public and Media Relations Services of the PJSC Gazprom Subsidiaries was held in St. Petersburg.

The contest judges evaluated projects completed in 2018. TGC-1 corporate website took the III place in the section The Best Website.

"For this award we should give credit not only to the Public Relations Department (PR), but the whole company. There are many planes to our work, and we cover all areas of TGC-1 activities. Out colleagues help us to find all the right words to describe our production, career guidance, education, environment and social projects. We are thankful to the judges for the high appreciation of our work and to the company staff for their support. Having seen the other prize winners of the contest, we see our point of growth and incentives for further development" said Viktoria Pavlova, Head of the Public Relations Department (PR) of TGC-1.


The Corporate Contest of Public Relations Services for PJSC Gazprom Subsidiaries has been held since 2009. The Contest is aimed at improving the corporate media competencies, creative development and initiative of PR specialists of the subsidiaries.

The winners are defined by the judges comprised of independent experts — journalists, publishers, PR specialists as well as staff from the PJSC Gazprom Department tending to the Company's communications policy, and the Gazprom magazine.