The site around the ice rink in Gubernatorsky Park turned into a territory of sports and entertainment


On Saturday 17 January 2015, outdoor festivities were arranged for the residents and guests of Petrozavodsk in Gubernatorsky Park beside the TGC-1 ice rink.

That day the participants took photos of husky dogs with bright decorations and a Russian samovar with bagels on the background, competed in adventure games, talked with the organizers of  Petrozavodsk cycling movement, were treated to delicious coffee and tea, and received nice gifts and souvenirs.

The festive weekend program was arranged by the TGC-1 power engineers in collaboration with Karelian Centre for Volunteering Development, Petrozavodsk Youth Centre, Petrozavodsk Scout Centre, Karjala Park husky farm, Petrozavodsk cycling movement ‘Velove’, and chain coffee houses ‘Crema caffe’. That day the main places for winter holidays in Karelia were represented at the same site.

Evgeny Shorohov, First Deputy Minister for Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports of Republic of Karelia, said:  “On behalf of the Ministry of Youth, Physical Culture and Sports of Republic of Karelia, I would like to express my gratitude to JSC TGC-1 for this wonderful initiative. Such initiatives benefit kids, who come here together with their parents. It is our work to create opportunities for engagement in sports. Karelia supports a healthy lifestyle”.

With the ice rink in the park working for the city guests and residents for two consecutive years, the sports traditions of Gubernatorsky Park (previously called ‘Pioneer Park’) are being revived. Now amateurs of winter sports and professional athletes have yet another place for meetings, and doing their favourite sport.

In his welcome address, Alexander Bakanchuk, Head of Petrozavodsk Department for Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Policy, stated: “This is indeed a fantastic initiative for which we are sincerely grateful. JSC TGC-1 in partnership with NGO ‘Youth Initiatives’ honorably carries out this mission. That is great when such companies as TGC-1 promote development of mass sports. Congratulations to all! Stay healthy!”