TGC-1 Annual General Meeting of shareholders will take place June 27th 2011


Board of Directors of TGC-1 has set the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of shareholders. It will take place June 27th 2011 in St. Petersburg. To be eligible to exercise voting rights at the AGM shareholders must be included in Register of shareholders as at the end of May 12th 2011.

Matters on the agenda of the AGM:

1.    Approval of the Company’s Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year 2010;

2.    Resolution on distribution of the Company’s profit for 2010;

3.    Election of the Company's Board of Directors;

4.    Election of the Company's Auditing Commission;

5.    Election of the Company’s Auditor;

6.    Approval of changes and addendums to the Statute of JSC “TGC-1”;

7.    Resolution of remuneration to members of the Board of Directors for the year 2010;

8.    Approval of transactions for which there is some interest and which can be carried out in future by Company within the scope of its ordinary business activities.