Hydroelectric Unit Upgrade Completed at Verkhne-Tulomkaya HPP of TGC-1


A sweeping upgrade of the hydroelectric unit No. 4 was completed at the Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP of TGC-1.

New equipment and control systems meet the most up-to-date requirements in the power generating sector and stringent environmental regulations.

“After testing and obtaining permits, the unit was put into operation. We have begun the next stage of upgrade at the HPP and are working now on the assembly of equipment nodes for hydroelectric unit No. 1,” said Oleg Tyapinov, chief engineer of the Kola branch of TGC-1.

The upgrade of the Verkhne-Tulomkaya HPP involves a complete phased replacement of the plant’s generating units, control, protection, and automation systems. The implemented project will increase the reliability of operation and energy supply to consumers.


The Verkhne-Tulomskaya hydroelectric power plant is a part of the Tuloma and Serebryanskaya hydroelectric power plants cascade of TGC-1. The plant is the largest HPP in the North-West of Russia. Four hydroelectric units are installed at the Verkhne-Tulomskaya HPP. The HPP machine room is located underground at a depth of 50 meters.

TGC-1 (part of Gazprom Energoholding Group) is the leading producer and supplier of electric and heat energy in the Northwest of Russia. TGC-1 comprises 53 power plants in four constituent entities of the Russian Federation: Saint Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia, and Leningrad and Murmansk Oblasts.