Anniversary of the Svetogorskaya HPP of the Vuoksa HPPs Cascade of JSC TGC-1


On August 16, 2014, the Svetogorskaya HPP of the Vouksa HPPs Cascade of JSC TGC-1 celebrates 67 years of operation.

The Svetogorskaya — Enso HPP was founded on the border territory in the early XX century as a power plant generating electricity for local pulp and paper factories that needed power. The plant was constantly changing, its capacity grew, engineers relocated its dam twice: the Svetogorskaya HPP received its modern appearance after the Great Patriotic War. In В 1947, all four of the hydropower units made at Leningrad plant Electrosila were put into operation.

60 years later the Svetogorskaya HPP within the Vuoksa HPPs Cascade was included in JSC TGC-1 investment programme: large-scale renovation was carried out, that allowed to increase the capacity of generating equipment, enhance reliability of the plants, automatize the control systems of the HPP and significantly decrease impact on Vuoksa water reservoir. According to the unique design project, the installation of equipment was carried out without reconstruction of hydrotechnical constructions — the dam and historical building of the Svetogorskaya HPP remained unchanged.

To commemorate the completion of reconstruction process a monument was erected in proximity to the Svetogorskaya HPP, made of dismounted parts of replaced turbines that had operated at the power plant for over fifty years.